You’ll Just Love My Dad

a new short film by Stephanie Jones and Peter Schuyler

You’ll Just Love My Dad, written by Stephanie Jones and Peter Schuyler,

an old homeless guy breaks into a home and starts snooping around

before running himself a bath. When Jennifer (Bree Pavey) arrives home,

it doesn’t take her long to work out who’s responsible,

even though she hasn’t seen her father, Duke (Wayne Baldwin), for seven years.

When her sister Cheryl (April Morrow) shows up, babbling with excitement,

the pair clashes on how to deal with dear old annoying Dad.

Based on a true story, this piece originated as a play performed

in the summer of 2014 at the Loft Ensemble Theater downtown Los Angeles.

Run Time: 38 minutes

Digital – Color

Starring: Wayne Baldwin, Bree Pavey, April Morrow, Cameron Britton

Call Stephanie Jones or Peter Schuyler at 323 369-8221