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Two Forces of Nature

Monday, January 1st, 2007

I saw you yesterday in the weather
the wind touching every part of you.
I saw your eyes turned inward
to the thousand things
that take your time.
I saw your hair alive in the storm
and your clothes holding close.
I saw two forces of nature
dancing together without awareness.
I felt you close yet so far

The Brume of Parnassus

Monday, January 1st, 2007

Let me take you to
worlds you’ve never known,
to the place where dreams
wait patiently for you.
Let me wake you in
the dream-rise
of a sun soaked isle.
Black beaches stretch
under your feet
and the waves dance
with the morning star.
Come with me to
the brume of Parnassus
and listen to the song
of the Muses
Ride with me to
the valley of the moon.
A milky black sky
will canopy your bed
and captured time
will flutter in your hand.
Accept these gifts from me,
take my hand and
let the journey begin.

When She Moves

Monday, January 1st, 2007

When she moves
waves crash inside me.
When she moves
I am cast into the night,
falling through satiny stars
and wisps of hope

When she speaks
I hear the sea and wind.
When she speaks
I swim in the ocean,
through crystalline waters
of truth and love

Her thoughts
mingle with the gods
and bring salvation
to my hungry life

She is the goddess
The divine deliverance
The answer
to my query

She is the divine
She is the profane
She is the mingling
of every sensation
she is perfection
and dissipation

I am her servant
I am her true believer
I am the high priest
of her religion
I am exalted in her glory
and crushed beneath her feet

When she moves
I move with her