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Land of Opportunity

Monday, January 1st, 2007

A man runs for office against the Ku Klux Klan.  He must run for his life.

“Land of Opportunity” is the story of Carl, a hugely successful attorney, accustomed to luxury and servants, who is forced to flee everything he knows for the wilds of Colorado because he stands on the wrong side of the issue of immigration.  Because his candidacy threatens the Klan supported status quo. Carl is a deeply flawed man who must overcome his own weaknesses to save his life and reputation.

This is the story of Henry, an African-American whose life is torn apart. His brother has been lynched by the Klan and the Klan’s attention is now focused on him. Together, Carl and Henry, allied by circumstance, rediscover their strengths and humanity.  The role of savior passes between them like a baton in a race. Together they overcome the Klan’s assassins and the hardships of the mountains.  Carl and Henry help break the clenched fist the Klan has on the minds of the people and forge a life long friendship.