Ah, What to do, what to do

Hungry.  You’re feeling flush so you go to the Whole Foods in Pasadena.  The problem with this store is its size.  A friend warns you that if you get your produce and meat on the first floor and then go upstairs for dry and frozen goods, the fresh food will be rotten by the time you return downstairs to pay.  If you reverse the order, your frozen goods will thaw.  Tough choices in a time of belt tightening.

You stop at the Wine and Tapas bar in the market.  Already overwhelmed by the prices for food, the menu’s prices hardly even register.  You have a glass of wine while you map out your shopping strategy.  A couple of glasses of wine later and you realize you’re not hungry any more and you don’t care if food thaws or rots.  Maybe one more for the road.

You stop off at a Mexican market on the way home because you’ve sobered up enough to crave sustenance again.  Instead of buying produce or anything you can cook at home, you stand at the prepared hot food part of the market.  You don’t recognize a thing and start to ask questions.  A crowd gathers and many opinions are voiced in Spanish about what you should eat.

Finally, after a great amount of snickering among the onlookers, you order something that several men pointed at.  You try to guess what part of what animal it came from.  Once home, you gingerly bring it to your lips.  It’s actually tasty. 

You’re invited to the beach for the Fourth of July.  Driving there and back is a breeze because the civilized people of the Land of No have left for the extended weekend or are at the beach already.  You go to Redondo Beach and join thirty thousand of your closest friends.  Gorgeous day. Gorgeous beach.  Gorgeous sea.  You’re hardly aware that the state you live in is penniless. 

A banner plane flies over head.  At first glance, you read, “SavetheChurch.com” but upon reflection you realize it says, “Lakers3on3.com”.  You’re not sure what that says about you so you decide to leave. 

Sunday morning, what should you do but work with your editor on the webisodes.  He’s so good, you barely have time to feel uncomfortable before he’s done.  You walk over to the Hollywood Farmers Market.  You can tell all the cool people are still recovering from the celebration of the nation’s birth because you can actually walk down the aisles unimpeded.

You get some Korean food for lunch.  A crowd gathers and they point and snicker as you order.  It’s actually tasty. 

By the time you buy your greens, the cool people have arisen and making your way out of the streets is an exercise in urban living. A large man claims, at the top of his lungs,  to be Michael Jackson’s brother and challenges all comers.  Who are you to argue?  Maybe the Wine and Tapas bar is open.


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